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Metro Nashville Public School provides our school and teachers with the basics—what they need to survive. The Crieve Hall Elementary Parent Teacher Association is committed to giving our school and teachers what they need to thrive.

Here are some ways we’ve worked together to benefit CHES:

We like to have fun and build community at the same time by sponsoring several family-friendly activities throughout the school year for the Crieve Hall community, parents, students, and teachers to enjoy, such as a family picnic, a movie night under the stars, a holiday breakfast, and a spring festival, among other events.

We have raised thousands of dollars over the past few years to put technology in the classroom, including providing interactive whiteboards for all 1st through 4th grade classrooms, iPads for K-1st  and new desktops for 2nd-4th grade classes.

Crieve Hall Elementary has phenomenal related arts programs, including Library, Art, Music, Spanish, and PE. The PTA gives money to each of the related arts instructors to provide them with the resources they need to enrich your child’s educational experience.

On average, teachers spend approximately $1,000 of their personal money in the classroom each year! We give stipend checks directly to the teachers each year to supplement their out-of-pocket expenses. We also provide grants for teachers for professional development, special equipment in the classroom, etc., and field trip scholarships for our students.

The Cardinals’ Nest Learning Garden is a premier feature of our school. The students learn firsthand about the complexity of the natural world—from how plants grow to the importance of insects in plant growth, pollination, and composting. Students also learn about the different types of nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits that are grown in the garden. The PTA built the Learning Garden in 2014 and continues to maintain and provid classes for all Crieve Hall students during the school year.

We would love for you to JOIN US! Parent participation plays a crucial role in a great education, and the PTA is very important to the success of Crieve Hall Elementary. Everyone’s contribution counts!

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