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We are excited to be offering an after school Cross Country Team for the first time this year to interested 4th and 5th grade students!


Practices will be held every Monday and Wednesday 3:00pm-4:15pm. Cross Country Meets will be every Saturday in September.We will be training on the grounds of the school.


As this is new to Crieve Hall this year, details are still coming in and will be passed along as we get them. What we do know:

• Meets will be held at Rivers Middle School every Saturday in September

• The season will conclude after the City Championship on September24th.


Our goal will be for every runner to reach their full potential. Cross Country allows athletes to learn a great deal about themselves. Athletes will develop a strong work ethic, self-discipline, and the understanding that nothing you earn comes without working for it. Athletes must realize that any amount of success is directly related to their level of effort. We are looking forward to providing this opportunity for your student. There will be an emphasis placed on hard work, running form, flexibility, team camaraderie and doing your personal best.

Parents need to fill out the

two forms below:

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